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At Saint Mark Church, we have two forms of expression

and distinct environments to live out our mission:

Traditional and Contemporary Services.


Between the Traditional and Contemporary Services

Bible based, life applicable teaching

Opportunities for connection and deepening relationship with others

Focused on reaching the “One” (person who is not here yet) & Mobilizing the “Ninety-
nine” (followers of Jesus/the church)

Use the arts, music and creativity to engage

Seeking to make an impact for Jesus personally, locally and globally

Same sermon series 3-5 times a year


Traditional Service

  • Hymns of our faith & tradition

  • Consistent order of worship

  • Choir, organ, piano & classical instruments

  • Liturgical elements such as Lord’s Prayer, Apostle’s Creed etc.

  • Multiple options and ministries for next steps

  • Primarily connect through Sunday AM groups/classes

  • Well defined outcomes (clean/clear)

  • Best for: people with traditional church background looking for the familiar and somewhat formal

Contemporary Service - THE ARK

  • Contemporary/ Modern worship music

  • Theme-oriented services, variety, changing orders

  • Band - drums, electric guitar, keyboard etc.

  • Multimedia & experiential elements

  • Curated and recommended next steps (simple)

  • Primarily connect through 1x events and midweek groups

  • Process-oriented outcomes (messy/ raw)

  • Best for: people looking for a modern, casual environment, music and teaching


Watch LIVE
on YouTube

Unable to attend in person? Both the Traditional and Contemporary Services are available LIVE on YouTube every Sunday!


Sonshine Kids is a vital part of our weekend worship services here at Saint Mark. We love to create safe and secure environments for kids to encounter the gospel in age-appropriate ways! Our host team will be ready to serve you and your family each weekend, making the check-in process easy for you. 


1421 McFarland N Blvd,

Northport, AL 35476

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