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Here at Saint Mark Church, we believe everyone is intended to be a part of God's mission and movement! We are all involved as we share our lives and faith with those not here yet, but there are also opportunities to serve in and through the church!

Traditional Service Teams

Contemporary Service Teams at The ARK


Can you smile? Hold a conversation? be interested in other people? We need you! We all know how critical a first impression is and you can help us make a good one! Also, if you enjoy helping people connect with others and you like talking about this church, you would also love this team.


Do you like preparing sweet food or buying some? enjoy brewing some coffee, providing a cool atmosphere, and saying hello to caffeine-hungry folks (and their kids)? This could be perfect for you (even if you don't like coffee).


We are looking for a few good people who would be available for just 10 minutes after the service is over to pray with people or be an encouragement to them. No experience necessary, just like people (and praying). We'd love to have 2 people each week of the month.


Did you work on the AV team at your school? always envied those good looking techies who got all the dates? You know who you are! Tech helps us create a great online presence as well as fosters an amazing in-house experience! Moving slides, running the camera angles, turning up the bass -- just a sampling of some of the great stuff this team gets to do.


Do you enjoy a good brainstorm session? like thinking about creative ways to communicate a message? like movies, art, music and want to find ways to integrate those things into church? we will create compelling services that engage with people and where people can engage.


Do you play an instrument other than the kazoo? or maybe you sing (not just in the shower) --- we'd like to build a larger team so we can rotate folks and create a great sound. (We are even open to specialized instruments that we may use on special occasions like violin, bongos, and the ability to belch the alphabet etc.)

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